Yokohama Global Business

Yokohama Global Business is a service provider that specializes in products and services based on international business. We specialize solely in food import and sales business, and translation business specialized in Sinhala language mainly with our strong connection with Sri Lanka.

At present, large amounts of foreign capitals, including China are invested in Sri Lanka which is aiming to achieve the most remarkable modern development in Asia. It is expected that many multinational companies including Japanese will continue to avance into Sri Lanka in the future. Along with this, in recent years there has been an increase in Sinhala translation requests from schools, universities and even companies in Japan, and our company has become an indispensable existence.

Our strength in the food import and sales industry is that we can deliver high quality, safe and secure food to your dining tables through our unique connection with Sri Lanka. We will make every effort to meet the detailed needs of our customers.